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  • Michigan fans favor

    The Wolverine burrito.

    Marinated steak, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo and french fries rolled in a flour tortilla. Yum.

  • Protein, fresh
    veggies & guac

    No fillers!

    When you look inside one of our burritos, you find it packed with delicious, healthy ingredients. A great way to fuel up for whatever’s on your agenda.


Hello and welcome!

At Get Some Burritos, we bring you the Mexican favorites you love with a San Diego-inspired twist: lean beef or chicken with fresh accompaniments like guacamole. Our fresh take on Mexican means delicious, healthy ingredients with no fillers. A great way to fuel up for whatever’s on your agenda.


Everybody can get some!

In addition to piping hot food, all catering orders come with appropriate serving and dining ware, napkins and sauces. Minimum order is $50. Questions? Call us at (734) 369-6991 or email
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What’s so different about

SoCal Mexican?

It’s a fresh take
on Mexican.

  • Crisp, salted house-made chips.
  • Tender, marinated chicken or beef.
  • A guac on the wild side.
  • Cool pico de gallo next to piping hot carne or pollo.

It’s just plain delicioso.

Founded in 2012, Get Some Burritos brings San Diego’s finest Mexican food to Ann Arbor. Our company was founded on the principles of providing high-quality food prepared with distinct flavors unique to southern California. Take a bite of our offerings and experience the sensation of cool, fresh guacamole, lettuce and pico de gallo topping the tender and piping hot carne or pollo asado.

It is our mission to provide high-quality, authentic, Mexican fast food in a clean and positive environment. Come Get Some and see for yourself!

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…which will allow you to score sweet deals on delicious protein-centric food which as you know, is good for your brain and helps keep you energized. We’re sure of it.